For Immediate joint Press Release:
JDP -May 8, 2019
Stop Irrational killing, Illegal Arrests, and Free Community members.

JDP- executive committee of the Justice and Development Party strongly condemns in the strongest terms of the killing of four innocent men in the village of Xajiin. This cowardly act of heinous crime was carried out by the Somali State militia (Liyu Police and Awbare Woreda Militia).

Furthermore, one hundred innocent community members from Libah-Ful, Xero-Geel, Laf-Dahab, Gol-Fula, and Lafa-Isse Kebele have been illegally arrested in the last four days by the Awbarre District administration, and they are currently in Jail without charges.

We consider the mass slaughtering of innocent civilians as an unforgivable crime against humanity. This act is a reminiscence of the heinous crime committed by the previous Somali regional State Regime, and it is conducted in contravention of the international human right norms and the laws of the Federal government of Ethiopia and that the Somali regional State government. This criminal act will further alienate the people of Harowo who had long-standing grievances against the previous and the current regime in Jigjiga.

While the Somali State people are recovering from past wounds of Jail Ogden, President Mustafa Muhomed Omer has opened a new jail called dubbed as “Jail Gadabursi” to oppress civilian in the region. The new administration’s harsh crackdown on innocent people is sweeping in scale and shocking in its brutality. The regime’s goal is to kill, suppress and silence all signs of political dissent. Many of those detained have been incarcerated without due process of law for days subjected to repeated beat ups and physical abuses. No allegation was made against these people, and their killing and captivity is merely a pretext to silence critical voices and justify repression. Their unlawful detention is a prelude for the advent of a new undemocratic brutal governing system. Therefore, we condemn with utmost outrage for their illegal captivity.

These premeditated killing and illegal crackdowns are a clear violation of fundamental human right, and harmful to local community livelihood and tranquility. It is a careless, unlawful action, with some impunity orchestrated by Jigjiga based corrupted low-level administrators operating outside of the legal system. Furthermore, it is a threat and an immediate danger to local people and will lead clan tensions further chaos, which may lead to some new civil hostilities in the region.

Let it be known to all that the actions of the president Mustafa Mohumed Omer are akin to a declaration of war against the Harawo people and the Communities of every zone in the Somali regional State. We the people of the Somali regional state collectively will stand up to defend our honor, properties and political aspiration with every means necessary.

We are appealing to the Federal Government of Ethiopia and particularly the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to intervene and avert new clan conflict in the region. For the moment and until our grievances are adequately addressed, the regime in Jigjiga, its affiliates and security apparatus are not welcome in our communities. W argued that the state government to stop violating the human rights of its people and demand the federal government to send some independent investigators to look at the Xajin killing incident and bring the killers of the four men and those who made the wrongful arrest of innocent villagers to justice.

We will no longer tolerate a government that does not stand for the rule of law, and we call upon all Somali regional State everywhere to join us to reject these evil actions.

Injustices somewhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Allah Mahadleh
Justice and Development Party.
Office of the General Secretary