The civilization of Adal was filled with riches beyond our imagination, they had a strong effect on the region. Their institutions and values reverberate to later histories of the Horn of Africa, the study of Adal civilization is complicated because it includes Adal and the Ethiopian empire’s political, social, and economic institutions. Historically, we have a long and ancient civilization in Horn of Africa. Adel is one of the main civilizations of Africa. The Zaila, Aw Bare, old Amoud, Jara Horato, and more were the commercial cities. Adalian people obtained power, militarily, and developed a strong economy in the Horn of Africa. This was due to not only their location and the unity within the people.

Many years later, the colonial power came to Africa and Adalian people defended their land at the time. Unfortunately, colonial powers like Britain, Abyssinia and France fought Adal’s people and destroyed the system. They also divided Adalian territories into three parts for two reasons. First, divide their and then rule. The second reason was to take Adalian natural resources in the region, but Adalian heroes did not accept this at all. People like Haji Dide, Ahmed Guray, Roble Afdeb, Ugas, Suldan Omar, Bahdon Ges Ade, Aden Issak, H. Ibrahim Nur, Mah Dugsiye, and more.

This is our brief history. Today a great conference was held in Aw Bare and on the behalf of Gadabursi diaspora from California, Arizona, and New Mexico, support the conference and congratulate our community leaders including Ugas Abdirashid, Ugas Roble, all our suldans, our intellectuals, our phenomenal women, and all community members who contribute their ideas and financial support for this conference; particularly I congratulate all Haldor Harawa, Adal Empire members. I believe without them this conference would be hard to be open and succeed please keep up and continue till you reach our goals. I believe we can solve our problems, if we build our unity. As we know, unity is very important for us because without it we can’t reach our goals. Unity means oneness, or togetherness. If we work together, we can combine our ideas to achieve great things. We need strength to successfully live in this region. There are various means to be powerful and unity is one of them. So, it is said that unity is strength. As Gadabursi we have a wonderful culture, we respect our elders (council of elders) because they lead our community traditionally we’ve been this way for a long time in different situations and we’ve always solved our problems. I believe they are heroes, our elites, and our politicians because they play a tremendous role in solving our problems. I watch some clips from conference and all our suldans their speeches was history and I agree. Unity is key for every problem solving. From today we open new hope for our future. This is new history and we will always teach it.

In conclusion, we are a very strong nation as Gadabursi, but also unfortunately colonial powers divided us into three sections under three nations. We have a long history and we love peace and we always respect our neighbors. Nowadays though, the Gadabursi face a lot of problems mainly political and economic issues. Once again, I believe the only way we can solve these problems is unification. Therefore, we need unity, discipline, and to keep the common goals in mind at all times. We just have to keep our goals in front of us constantly. We must base our decisions by basic principles and not the basis of convenience or the ephemera. I believe it is time to respect, trust, and work together in order to build and help our community at home under Adal Ugas Abdirashid, intellectuals, council of elders, politicians, community members and more.

Thank you,

Ali Hori, M.Ed.

From San Diego, California