Traditional leaders, women groups, civil society organizations and scholars from minority communities in Hargeisa on Tuesday urged the parliament of Somaliland to approve the quotas already endorsed by Council of Minister on 7th June 2018. They also suggested the number of seats allocated for the minorities at the House of Representatives to be increased from three to six while at the same time they requested allocation of at least fourteen seats for minorities in the Grade A districts of Somaliland namely Borama, Gabiley, Hargeisa, Berbera, Burao, Erigavo and Laasaanood.

Speaking at the closing session of a two-day workshop held in Hargeisa by DYDO, a local organization that advocate for the rights of minority communities, Chief Elmi Egah Salsal said the only way his community could get representation in Somaliland’s decision-making platforms is through allocation of quotas.

“We learned from the past elections that the minority communities would not be able to secure parliamentary seats without quota due to accumulated circumstances,” Chief Salal said.
Among the participants of the meeting were Minister of Agricultural Development Honorable Ahmed Muumin Seed and Deputy Minister of National Planning and Development Honorable Hussein Ibrahim Buuni.

“The Government is committed to support the quotas for minorities in the upcoming election. That is why we are here today” Minister Muumin said.

At the conclusion, a 15-member caucus comprising traditional leaders of minority groups, CSOs and MPs from the House of Representative have been appointed. The political parties were also called on to join the caucus to fast track the campaign for the adoption of the minority quotas.